‘Tameez Seekho’: Jaya Bachchan BLASTS a fan who took her picture without her permission, Watch viral video


There will hardly be anyone who does not know of the legendary actress Jaya Bachchan that she does not like to be photographed. Let’s talk about it has been seen on many occasions when it takes years for photographers to take pictures without permission. Recently, once again, something similar has been seen, in which he is overwhelmed by the people to take his picture. See what the actress said about taking a photograph …

In this viral video of Jaya Bachchan you can see that in which they are deteriorating on those who take their pictures and giving them instructions to do so. At the same time, he called the person taking the photograph and said, “When you take a picture, ask me. Why did not you take pictures without asking Learn Tameez. “Let’s say Jaya Bachchan’s video is becoming increasingly viral on the internet.

Let me tell you that this incident happened during the time when Jaya Bachchan went to the birthday party of Karan Johar’s mother Hiru Jawhar. As they were leaving the party, at the same time some people standing there started taking pictures of them on the phone. Which led to the class of people drawing the picture. Stay tuned with the Bollywood bug to know similar stories of Bollywood.

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