Tahira Kashyap embraces post-cancer bald look like a boss; leaves hubby Ayushmann Khurrana in awe of her


Ayushman Khurana robbed the box office after giving back to back hits in 2018. At the same time, in his personal life, his wife Breast suffered from cancer. Both Ayushman and Taherah fought with this battle with great emotions. With courage and emotion, both of them defeated this deadly disease. At the same time Tahir Kashyap lectured on his fashion week saw a lightning shattering.


As you know, Tahira has shaved her head due to chemotherapy for cancer treatment. But despite this, without any hesitation, Tahira was walking on the ramp with the entire conference on this first fashion ramp. Tahira said that it was a new and very special experience for them. He joked that he was told that he did not laugh at the ramp but he could not stop himself.

Tahira Kashyap should appreciate the confidence of Kashyap At the same time, she is looking more happy at the ramps. These pictures of Tahira are becoming very viral on social media.


Tahira shared these photos on their Instagram handle. There are many positive comments from people on these pictures. Stay tuned with the Bollywood bug to know similar stories of Bollywood.

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