Sawasdee Group – Highly Modest Real Estate Developer


Sawasdee Group has arrived the escalated market of real estate in the year 1995. The company grasps a major position of leadership in North India’s highly modest construction industry. The company, which has constructed its status for quality, honesty, invention and supreme client facility, has been involved in some of the most eminent residential developments in the cities of Ghaziabad, Noida, Delhi and Gurgaon over the last 20 years. The business has consistently set risingvalues for others to follow. They have highly proficient team and having more than 15 years of management experience that fuel the success of the company and that is the reason of successful assignments.

Sawasdee Group has an experienced team of self-motivated and proficient architects, construction specialists, supervisors and project managers, the company is not only devoted to modify prospects but also to improve existences of people. They have single vision that can be easily reflected in their work. Initially, they have a group of 3 people and now, they have grown up to 400 people in the group. They have delivered various types of projects across various cities and now, people are living happily. Over 15000 happy and satisfied families have realized their dream of owning a world-class home at sawasdee group and stand anevidence to our commitment of delivering international quality service at affordable prices.

Each project developed by the Sawasdee group bring different views as they are best in design, features, pricing, and transparency and quality of construction. The strength of the company has always been its original pains to create unique and multi-faceted residential masterworks that raise the standard of living of clients through lovely, attractive and comfortable indoor and outdoor spaces enriched with immaculately green gardens, wide lobbies and all modern day amenities which is the hallmark of all sawasdee properties.

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