The real life story of Jahnavi and Ishaan is like ‘Tom and Jerry’


If your childhood was spent in the 90’s, you would have seen cartoons like Popi, DuckTales, Scooby Doo and Tom and Jerry. According to bollywood news to Tom and Jerry, were seen as enemies of each other, but when the time comes, they do not even forget to leave each other. If you look at Jahnavi and Ishaan these days, you will be reminded of Tom and Jerry once more.

Well, according to bollywood news, Jahnavi Kapoor and Ishaan Khattar are not enemies of each other but they never bother to pull each other. You have seen their onscreen chemistry in the movie ‘Dhadak’ trailer and songs, but today we will talk about their off-screen chemistry.

Let us say that these days latest bollywood news, Ishaan Khattar and Jahnavi Kapoor are busy promoting their film. During this period, many times both of them are troubling each other. Even on social media, both pull each other’s leg. See evidence below …

As per latest bollywood updates, on many occasions, it has been clearly seen that Ishaan Khattar is very passionate about Jahnavi Kapoor. Just when a fan was chasing Jahanvi Kapoor after coming out of the mall of Jaipur, Ishan Khattar used to take Jahnavi Kapoor safely as a film hero, then. At the same time, in the interview given to quint, Ishaan Khattar revealed that Jahnavi Kapoor does not take care of their health and when Ishaan Khattar asks them not to do so, she does not listen to them.

Ishan Khattar said to bollywood updates that she does more gyms than needed, even after being too tired she exercises by going to the gym. By the way, it is clear from Ishaan Khattar that he cares for Jahnavi Kapoor.

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