Saya South X Dream Commercial Destination in Greater Noida West

Saya South X is one of the best commercial complexes in Delhi NCR and is well known for itsexcellent infrastructure. It redefines luxurious shopping experience to the completely commercial world.This commercial venture is located in Greater Noida West and offers a wide range of retail shops, business spacewith wonderful design with open space. The project location is catching the attention of many customers and investors. This mall is so well located that is connected to all major locations of city of Noida as well as to other adjoining metropolitan cities. This shopping plaza has allfeatures, which are rarely experienced and seen in other commercial projects.

Saya South X mall is designed with long list of amenities considering all major requirements and features, which normally does not exist in such shopping complexes. Here, people will not only enjoy the new shopping experience but can also entertain themselves with multiple options available within the plaza.Complete plaza is built under the supervision of world renowned architects and designers who all have used their expertise and experience in rising up this project as a marvel and milestone in real estate market.All the projects of Saya group whether it is commercial or residential are always greatly appreciated for their awesome quality and exclusivity.

Visitors can enjoy the new level of shopping that is a perfect combination of luxury and convenience. The easy proximity, international ambience and a wide range of retail shops will provide the buyers a satisfactory experience that will have no match. The project includes food court, multiplexes with multiple screens, medical Centre, entertainment zone, electronics shop, dedicated floors for fashion wear where each people will have a luxurious shopping experience. Enjoy your shopping with fresh and clean environment in the developed city.

Saya South X Mall – A commercial plaza coming up in Greater Noida West

Saya South X Mall is a commercial plaza coming up at Greater Noida West. It is under construction at present but the eagerness for procession of this property is increasing day by day in market. This is just because of its unique construction, ambience, wonderful designs and multiple modern conveniences and when all this is available under one roof at an affordable prices and low maintenance cost who will not approach for booking the units in this development. Saya group have shocked people with their introductory price rates for booking shops and other commercial spaces in this mall. Business visionaries are looking at this as a great future success of commercial standards in Delhi NCR region.

Saya South X Mall is located near to Kisan Chowk, which is also a very prime, and a central location of Greater Noida West. This location is well connected to other major locations and other urban metropolises like Noida, Greater Noida, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Delhi and Gurgaon. Connectivity is so good that this place can be reached through highways, trains, upcoming metro railways and through other modes of transport as well. Inordinate neighborhood, green environs, metropolitan civic construction, robust public arrangement, wide streets, continual power and water supply are some of the other returns, which are attracting merchants and shopkeepers towards this project.

Saya group has also ensured that they do not miss on providing any of the facilities, which are required for the conveniences of guests and traders. List of amenities includes ample parking space, high-speed lifts, and security by highly trained and educated personals, playing area for kids and toddlers, lots of greenery and wonderful façade decorations is designed in such a way that it will attract every visitor and buyer. These kind of delightful developments nurture the criterions of shopping involvement and always prove to be well intentioned for customers.

Trailer of Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar starrer ‘2.0’ to be out soon!

Latest bollywood updates about the Akshay Kumar and Rajinikanth’s film ‘Robot 2’ are that it is considered to be India’s most expensive movie so far. Seeing the film’s teaser, all of you would have been aware of this. The use of tremendous graphics in the film is enough to engage people. As per bollywood news,  the film trailer will be released soon. This announcement has been made by Akshay Kumar himself.

Please tell bollywood news to you that film 2.0’s teaser was released on the day of Ganesh Chaturthi i.e. 13th September. The movie teaser received mixed feedback from the audience. Not only this, many people have trolled the teaser badly. In this way, Makers has done a lot of work on the trailer. Latest bollywood updates is that the movie trailer will be released on November 3. The FIFTH Force will also open in the trailer. The Lyca Company, which is producing this film, has also confirmed that the film will be released on November 29.

Please tell bollywood news to you that the film was about to be released on Diwali only, but due to the absence of VFX’s work, its release was avoided several times. Let me tell bollywood updates to you that the film will also be in 3D. This film is a sequel to the Tamil film ‘Robot’ released in 2010. Directed by Shankar, the film is being released in cinemas on November 29, 2018.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan was in the movie Robot in 2010, this time Amy Jackson is in the female lead. A lot of talk about Akshay Kumar’s strange poor look, but recently Shankar has said that Akshay is neither a crow man nor his name is Dr. Richard. Stay tuned with the Bollywoodbug to know similar bollywood news and bollywood updates.

Namaste England Movie Review: Parineeti And Arjun Ham Aimlessly Through Infantile Drama

Namaste England Movie Review: Parineeti And Arjun Ham Aimlessly Through Infantile Drama

Cast – Parineeti Chopra, Arjun Kapoor

Director-Vipul Amrit Lal Shah

Movie type-drama

Duration – 2 hours 15 minutes

Rating- 2/5

Latest bollywood news, after the success of the film ‘Namaste London’, once again, director Vipul Amrit Lal Shah has returned to the box office with ‘Namaste England’ . Parineeti Chopra and Arjun Kapoor have been seen on the screen together after long time in this film. The story of this film is very similar to Varun Dhawan’s Badrinath’s bride. But the story of Arjun Kapoor and Parineeti Chopra is a little new. At the moment, let’s talk bollywood updates about the story of the movie …

As per bollywood news, the film starts with Punjab. Where Jasmeet (Parineeti Chopra) lives in his grandfather’s house. Jasmeet tells his grandfather to some excuse to meet with his friends so that he can stay out of the house. Because Jasmeet is running with affair (Arjun Kapoor). Jasmeet wants to become jewelery designer. While her grandfather believes that the girls are just meant to take over the house. Jasmeet’s grandfather is of old thoughts, whose thinking is very different from that of Jasmeet.

According to bollywood updates, Jasmeet and Param get married for the sake of the people. But Jasmeet wants to do something about her career. Because of this she wants to go to London to fulfill her dreams. Whereas Param is also loved with Jasmeet. The supreme Jasmeet is said to stay in Punjab and fulfill dreams only. During this time, there are many twists and turns in the film. The ultimate one dialogue in the film speaks that ‘women’s affair is not from a single city, not a single man’, though Jasmeet leaves Param. Ultimate loading for Jasmeet is reached. Now, to see if ultimately Jamset can get back to Punjab, you will have to watch this movie.

Bollywood news about the supporting character in the film, Aditya Seal, Alkritya Sahai, Anil Mange and Mallika Dua will be seen. The film’s direction is weak. There is nothing new in the story too. But the songs of the movie are better. However, Arjun Kapoor and Parineeti Chopra have judged their character in the film.

Mall of Saya: A shopping Haven

Nowadays shopping malls are not only defined as one or more buildings forming a complex of shops representing the trader, with interconnected walkways enabling visitors to walk from unit to unit. But it can also be said that they are the heart and soul of communitiesand a social sanctuary for teenagers everywhere.

A mall that meets the needs of shoppers

Saya Group keeping the above things on mind has come with a new commercial project known as Mall Of Saya, which will compromise not only food marts, shops, and space for ATMs and banquets but office spaces also. The project is well connected by different modes of transportation and is close to various civic utilities.

Saya Group recently launched many residentialprojects which made them receive many appreciations and good response from customers and stood well as a project in the market. They havealways matched the superior amenities with luxury and delivered the best of class projects.

Unparalleled Luxury and beauty

Saya Mall will be a luxurious mall due to its architecture and innovative design in Greater Noida West. It will beproviding a well-regarded shopping experience for people who are compulsive shoppers by being the top destination for shopping. It is spread in about 20,000 square meters with five floors. This mall is also known for its spacious and efficient zone to sit and enjoy.

Saya mall has a variety of retail outlets, grocery stores, apparel zone, and food court and entertainment section having excellent multiplex offering 1000 capacity for sitting. It is the latest destination to meet your friends and place to relax for your family.

In the end, we can say that the mall of Saya is an exceptional shopping destination with scope for entertainment and spending some leisure & fun time with loved ones.

Kangana Ranaut hits back at Sonam Kapoor: Who gave her the right to judge me? – full statement inside

As per bollywood news, Now after Tanushree Dutta, Bollywood’s unbeaten actor Kangana Ranaut has made a surprise story about Queen’s director Vikas Bahal. Kangana has accused Vikas that during the shoot he used to talk about sex. On this, the industry’s second successful actor, Sonam Kapoor has made a shocking statement about Kangana.

According bollywood updates, Sonam Kapoor became part of the recently #metoo special event. During this time, many questions were asked about Sonam. She was questioned about development, what would she do if he had such a thing with her? Sonam replied on this, they do not know what they would do. She was asked the next question: Will people raise voice against development? Sonam said Kangana has raised it. But further Sonam said Kangana is vocal, sometimes it becomes difficult to take things seriously.

Kangana answered Sonam’s thing in an interview given to a website. According to the bollywood news, Kangana says, who gave me the right to judge. I have told my metro story what is their right over this. Apart from this, bollywood updates is that Kangana also questioned whether Sonam has a license, through which she can tell some women right and some things wrong?

According to Kangna, they represent the country. The youth of the country is motivated by them. At the same time, she turned around on Sonam, saying that she would not be identified due to her father, but she herself made her own place. Sonam is neither a good actor nor a good speaker. Who gives these movie people the right to talk about me?

Let me tell bollywood news to you, the female employee of the Phantom film looks to catch the case after the public recollection of sexual harassment.

Priyanka Chopra And Nick Jonas Spotted At Jodhpur’s Mehrangarh Fort. Internet Suspects They Are Wedding Venue Scouting

Bollywood Desi Girl Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas after engagement are often seen to spend quality time with each other. Whose pictures are also visible on social media. But in the meantime, both of them looked together in Jodhpur. After this the bollywood news came that Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jones were going to Jodhpur to do a Royal Wedding in Jodhpur and that’s why they reached Jodhpur. But now the truth behind it has come out. Actually, both of them were not coming for Royal Wedding but to celebrate the birthday of the husband of a close friend.

Yes, Priyanka Chopra has shared some pictures on her Instagram account (Click  to see pics). In the photos, Priyanka Chopra seems to be celebrating someone’s birthday. According to the bollywood news, Priyanka Chopra’s close friend Tamanna Dutt’s husband was having the birthday of Sudip Dutt, who had gone to Jodhpur with Priyanka Chopra, fiancé Nick Jonas to celebrate. These pictures shared by Priyanka are proof that the visit of Jodhpur was not for marriage but for the Birthday Celebration.

Among the photos, Priyanka and Nick Jonas are appearing with Sudeep Dutt and his wife Tamanna. While sharing the photo, Priyanka writes, ‘Happy Birthday King @sudeepdutt what a wonderful birthday lunche on. I am very happy that we have lunch together. Always wish the best in life. Always smile and dancing in life. ‘After celebrating this birthday and lunch, Priyanka-nick flies from Jodhpur to Mumbai on Tuesday.

In addition to Priyanka, Sudip Dutt has also shared some pictures on his Instagram account (Click  to see pics). In a photo where Sandeep cakes are cutting, then in the second picture, Priyanka seems to be feeding her cake.

Mall of Saya – Best Shopping Mall in Noida Extension

As we all know that now a days number of malls and shopping area is constructed in the city. However, if we talk about the best upping mall then we will consider only Mall of saya. This is the mall which is the going to fulfil the needs of the people as it has all modern features. People will surely love this mall when they will get all their things at one place.

Now, if we discuss that why this mall is the best, then first look at the model of mall which gives us the feel that it is having modern architectural design along with well planned structure. Saya  mall is spread upto the fifth floor and having spacious shop area. Other than this the landscaping of the mall is in such a manner that it covers lot of green area. Last but not the least its location also play an important part to make it best mall of the city.

Lets talk about the features of the mall which is consist of retail shops, food court, kids zone area, entertainment area etc.However, it is designed for assuring the fulfilment of retail needs specifically.

Now we will talk the most important part of the mall that is facilities providing by the builder. The main facilities which attracts the buyers and investors both are lot of parking space, well connected by road and metro station. If we talk about the buyers then they will get lot of brands which include international brands also. Also having the office space and food court. Along with this lots of option for fun and enjoyment area.

So, what are you thinking now, have a site visit of this best mall of the area and book your dream shop for business or for the investment plan.

Abhishek Bachchan was once slapped for acting and ’embarrassing his family name’

As per bollywood updates, Bollywood actor Abhishek Bachchan has been in the limelight for his recent release ‘Manmarziya’. Apart from this, he has come to headlines about another special thing. Indeed, recently Bachchan has revealed a shocking connection with himself, knowing that you will surely be surprised.

According to the bollywood news, the actor revealed, “I can never forget this moment of shocking, in my life. When my film ‘Sharat’ was released, I went to Getty Galaxy to know the response of the people. According to bollywood updates, At the same time a woman came out of the theater during intervals after watching the movie. I was standing outside the theatre. She slapped me out and said that you are defaming your family name, stop acting. ‘

In this way, slapping a common citizen on a star is not a slight thing. While talking to bollywood news about Abhishek Bachchan’s upcoming films, he will soon be seen in ‘Gulab Jamun’ with wife Aishwarya.

Significantly, his film ‘Manmarziya’ was recently released in cinemas. In addition to Abhishek, Vicky Kaushal and Tapasi Pannu were also in the lead in this film. Stay tuned with the Bollywoodbug to know all the latest bollywood news and bollywood updates.

Luxury Shopping at Saya Mall

Saya group has launched a brand new commercial project mall of Saya. Saya group has now become a face of excellence and extravagance. This group has already delivered multiple commercial and residential projects to customers in various regions. The project of Saya Mall is uniquely developed with all exclusive amenities and services for merchants and customers. Architects of this mall is one of the most renowned names in infrastructure industry.

The location is attractively connected will all adjoining metropolitan cities and with all civic facilities through different road, upcoming metro, with just a 10 minutes’ drive to City center metro station, 20 minutes away from sector 18, Noida one of the largest and most significant commercial markets of Noida and is also well connected with Noida expressway. Mall Of Saya has spaces for ATMs, food courts, gymnasium, restaurant, and salonand for office spaces. It is spread over acres of land and has commercial shops and spaces available lower ground floor, upper ground floor and first floor.

Some of the major features include 3 tier securities all round the clock with CCTV cameras and all modern security equipment, vast parking space for shopkeepers and customers, complete area is Wi-Fi providing the convenience of online to all visiting customers. Emergency exit can be used in case any emergencies, fire alarm and other intimation security equipment are installed all over; also, the structure is being developed as earthquake resistant meeting all standards and specifications, which shows the futuristic thinking of Saya group.The commercial uprising has created gigantic call for space throughout the regions in country. Now days everyone is very intense and wants to be a part by participating in development of country through commerce and trade enlargement.