DeepVeer Wedding: Bride’s dupatta has a shloka inscribe and it’s truly a blessing

Latest bollywood news is that the first photo of the wedding of Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh has come out. If you look carefully, in Sindhi ritual picture, a verse of Sanskrit on ‘Chunari’ of Deepika Padukone – ‘Sadha Bhagyavati Bhav’ has been written. Through this, Deepika received special blessings from her in-laws’ house.

As per bollywood news, for writing special messages on Chunari of the wedding, it has been prepared much beforehand (print). By the way, seeing this love and blessings, tears of joy will have flourished in everyone’s eyes. In fact Deepika will be feeling fortunate enough to herself.

‘Sadha Bhagyavati Bhav’

According to bollywood news, on November 15, Deepika and Ranvir both share the first picture of marriage at the Instagram account. The picture that Ranveer Singh has shared in it is written on Deepika’s chunari, ‘Sadha Bhagyavati Bhav’. It means that always be happy. Bollywood updates is that you must have heard this verse. This is the prevalent verse of Sanskrit. It is believed to be a blessing for married people since ancient times. Bollywood updates is given the report that the red Chunri of the wedding is designed by Sabyasachi. However, for writing this, it would have been said only from Ranveer, after all what love does so.

Special royal banquet

Bollywood updates about the wedding is that there was a tradition of marriage for two days in Lake Como, Italy. Now the celebration is going on after this. During this, specials guest are enjoying the royal banquet. Artisans from Switzerland are called for this banquet. After making a special food in banquet, this kind of food will not be made anywhere. Along with this, special wedding cake has also been made. Who have made chef of Switzerland. This cake will be harvested in the evening of November 15. After this, till November 18, Deepika and Ranveer will return to India. The reception party will be here for three days.

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