Abbas Mustan to remake a Korean survival drama titled ‘Tunnel’ in Hindi


Jodi Abbas-Mustan, who is always try for the suspense thriller in Hindi films, is returning once again. According to Bollywood News, this pair is now planning to remake a Hindi movie of a Korean drama ‘Tunnel’. Abbas-Mustan is famous for films such as ‘Bazigar’, ‘Race’, ‘Race 2’, ‘Ajnabee’ and ‘Aitraj’. This pair, considered to be the master of thriller genre, was discussed with Salman Khan’s ‘Race 3’ for the last time, which was directed by Remo D’Souza instead of the pair. However, the ‘Race 3’ did not embrace by audience. The bollywood news reviewers also told that the film was useless and then the discussion of this pair of charisma in this franchise once again started to happen again.

Now, according to a bollywood updates, director Abbas-Mustan is going to make a Hindi remake of Korean film ‘Tunnel’ released in 2016. According to the bollywood updates, the couple is in the mood to sign a big star for this film. Both are also planning to start shooting this film by the end of this year. Both of these projects will be announced as soon as the film’s lead cast and shooting schedule is finalized.

Talking about bollywood news of the Korean film, it is the story of a man who, once returned home, gets caught in a tunnel while taking a birthday cake for his daughter. When the protagonist of the film is passing through the tunnel while returning home, at the same time, the debris falls on the two ends of the tunnel and the road is blocked. The bollywood updates tells the film story of the survivor of the trapped inside the tunnel. Now it will be interesting to see who gets involved with this project with Abbas-Mustan. The movie is quite interesting. What makes Abbas-Mastan for the Indian audience, it will be a thing to see.

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