Gaur Wholesale Bazar & Gaur Sadar Bazar– Great Place to Walk and Shop

gaur wholesale bazar

Gaur wholesale Bazar & Gaur Sadar bazar is the best destination for those looking for top-class shopping and want to experience some adventure in the life. This shopping complex come as a pleasant surprise that has a collection of good brands and 5-star hotels. You can take your trip to this famous destination and enjoy your weekend to the fullest. Spread over an area of 8 lakh square feet and has six floors with each floor dedicated to something specific. You can easily check out the entire list of shops here. The interesting part is two floors are dedicated to some awesome indoor entertainment like fun city, movie theatre and indoor ski park.

The Gaur Wholesale Bazar is getting popular as it is well-connected with the rest of town through local vehicles, auto-rickshaws and private cabs.This destination is called to be as the great place for fun and entertainment. Need to buy the best quality products, then head to this mall. Need to get in your fix of your favourite burgers and ice-creams, head to this mall. It is the best shopping mall – so happy shopping at an affordable rate. Explore each floor with a holistic entertainment retreat.

The Gaur Sadar Bazar offers a wide range of fashion labels and products ranging from apparel to the home furnishings and to the awesome food joints.This is the place for all groups of age and do whatever you are waiting for. It is the biggest wholesale bazar where you get the best rated products in a bulk.  This place is simple sprawling and never-ending with easier navigation. Apart from an endless list of retail shops and food court, you should also head to the entertainment zone where you can enjoy rides, ice skating and other indoor games. So, shop your popular brand here till you drop.

Gaur City Center Sadar Bazaar– A Heaven of Quality Products

gaur city center

The Gaur City Center is built to suit all tastes. It is really an impressive shopping destination as it is very near to the upcoming metro station and design amazingly according to the international style.When you enter the mall, you may just feel walking around in an abroad. It has a collection of fashion brands from every continent and often find leisure facilities. Here, you can keep yourself relaxed by enjoying the facilities like fast food, fine dining, movie theaters, kids play zone and indoor and outdoor games. Take out your time on your weekend and explore this destination, you won’t be disappointed.

The Gaur City Center is the latest shopping mall located in Noida Extension created by Gaursons Group to fulfill the daily needs of the people. Here, you will find five levels of high-end designer shopping and top floor occupies the entertainment section where you can have some parties. Whether you are looking for high-end luxury brands or fascinating street market items, this commercial complex will never disappoint you. It is filled with all the stores, shops, boutiques, restaurants, it’s hard to decide where to shop. So, it is a great destination for eating, drinking, entertaining and shopping.

The Gaur City Center Sadar Bazaar is designed to cater to all budgets and all shopping styles. Everybody can find something they like there. It is a flourishing luxury shopping and recreational area. It is a typical shopping paradise that Noida is famous for, this is a place who wish to browse through the latest and most reasonably priced products. So, let come here and enjoy your time with your friends. This is the fantastic place for your weekend where you can come and enjoy the tasty food with playing your favorite games and women can do lots of shopping. So, the perfect destination for fun and shopping.

Galaxy Blue Sapphire – Commercial Plaza in Noida Extension

Professionals sure love the shopping complex. Just stand outside any shopping mall on a weekend to see what we mean and if you want some enjoyment in your life, then make an eventful evening in a bar and a pub available in the shopping centre. Galaxy Group is coming with great decision of presenting a wonderful commercial property that is Galaxy Blue Sapphire Plaza located in Noida Extension where you find the ultimate shops with a mixture of Indian and an international brand. There are lots of hypermarket, shops, showrooms, pubs, multiplex and restaurant that can offer you a pleasurable and gratifying life on your holidays and weekends.

Galaxy Blue Sapphire Plaza is a place where you can cherish good food, enjoy shopping and fun times. An elegant brewery, it invites you with a warm and cozy ambience. Moreover, you can enjoy the taste of American food and continental food here and watch your favorite movies in the 5 screen multiplex. As the name suggests, this place is placed at a height, offering you an amazing view of the stars, moons and sky with twinkling city. Put your pocket full and enter into this classic shopping complex with classy décor.

Galaxy Blue Sapphire is the latest commercial plaza and city is incomplete without the mention of this project. It is the grand project because of its winsome ambience and excellent décor. Giving you a feel of a European shopping complex and moreover, it provides Italian and French dishes also. So, whenever you enter into this plaza, feel just like walking into an international city. Have some party and chill with your friends at this place. I

Galaxy Group has developed its new commercial project Galaxy Diamond Plaza at Gaur Chowk, Greater Noida West. It is the best choice for the investors as the designer shops are available at pocket friendly rate.The uninhibited wonders of the city, warm wooden flooring, and soft lighting coupled with good music and food, give you a high indeed.